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OFFER! Abbaye de Citeaux

Dhs. 28.40 Dhs. 37.90

Product: The Abbaye de Citeaux cheese comes from the Citeaux Abbey, located in Burgundy, France. Frère Frédéric and Frère Joel run the creamery at the Abbaye de Citeaux. It’s a classic, washed-rind cheese made from cow's milk. The milk is derived from red and white Montbéliarde cows that graze on the flat meadow surrounding the abbey for at least 6 months. Only 300 cheeses are manufactured every Monday and Tuesday, most of which are sold at the Abbey shop.

The Abbaye de Citeaux cheese has a pungent aroma that overpowers the flavour of the cheese. The texture is supple and semi-soft with an ivory white colour for the dense and smooth interior paste of the cheese. This Citeaux has an earthy, creamy and milky taste.


Ingredients: Thermised cow's milk, salt, lactic ferments, animal rennet, lysozyme, calcium chloride

Producer: Beillevaire is a French producer, affineur, cheesemonger : discover their unique “savoir-faire” through our cheeses and dairy products. 

Pascal Beillevaire, who was born and raised on his parents’ dairy farm in the Marais Vendéen, dreamed of blending two of his dearest passions: trade and agriculture. He began selling cream, butter and some other dairy products in the local markets around Machecoul. Many years of hard work and dedication have transformed the family dairy farm into Beillevaire Dairy – a respectable cheese maker, affineur and distributor.

Weight: 150Gr

Country of origin: France

Stuff to consider: Thermised cow's milk