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May food planner | Maison Duffour



Week menu 09/05 - 15/05

Monday: Mashed carrots with our chicken sausages 

Ingredients  here 

Tuesday: Goat's cheese and honey puff pastry with our mesclun mix salad 

Ingredients   here 

Wednesday: Comte and Emmental ravioli with our cooked ham

Ingredients  here 

Thursday: Parmesan roasted broccoli with our pine nuts 

Ingredients  here  

Friday: BBQ party with our cornfed chicken legs and our roasted chicken spice mix 

Ingredients  here  

Saturday: Fresh lunch with our Charentais melon and our Savoie dry cured ham

Ingredients  here 

Sunday: Picnic party with our sandwich filling (tuna or pollock) and our plain half baguette

Ingredients  here