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Food planner


 Menu of the week 


  • Saturday: Pike quenelle shewer with cottage cheese and mint sauce. Recipe here 

          Our ingredients here. 

  • Sunday: Mashed carrot with our turkey ham. Idea recipe here
         Our ingredients here.
  • Monday: Baked leeks with ham and bechamel sauce. Idea recipe here
         Our ingredients here. 
  • TuesdayChili con carne with our organic grass fed minced beef. Idea recipe here.

         Our ingredients here.

  • Wednesday: Fresh salad with our cucumber, feta and white tuna.

         Our ingredients here.

  • Thursday: Steamed mussels with tomato and garlic broth. Idea recipe here.

         Our ingredients here.
  •  Friday: Burger party with our Impossible patty. Idea recipe here. 
         Our ingredients here.