We care!

At Maison Duffour, we believe change begins with each of us.

With all our baby steps combined we can achieve grand results!

Waste control

Lots of players in the food industry waste and throw away big volume of unpurchased items. At Maison Duffour, we pride ourselves in being a company that achieves near to zero food waste.

  1. We control our stocks and order only the quantities that are needed. You might have noticed out of stock items at times - this is due to a very strict policy towards waste in general.
  2. If we have any products that are near to the expiry, we will propose them to you at a lower price in our Zero Waste Corner.
  3. We started to collaborate with the UAE Food Bank in order to donate close to expiry products or imperfect fruits and vegetables.
  4. Finally, most of the expired products we use for our own consumption or distribute them amongst the team members.

Environmental Responsibility

We all do our best to play our part here! While it's always work in progress, we are happy to start with a few actions on our end.

  1. We gift trees to our customers with every product sold & offset our products CO2 emissions.
  2. We can collect jars, boxes and ice bags from your former orders. Our Maison Duffour drivers are pleased to take them back ! If you were not able to give them back, let us know so we can arrange a pick up at some point.
  3. We refuse to use a packaging when we can. We reuse a packaging when we can. 
  4. We reduce at maximum the number of plastic packaging we use, and maximize the number of products we can serve in simple paper packaging.
  5. We use filtered water as a team. We said bye bye to plastic bottles!
  6. We moved in our own warehouse ! Come and collect your orders with your own bags, we would be so happy to say hi!