At Maison Duffour, your professional or personal needs will be satisfied: catering, gourmet hampers, office snack subscription, product supply, etc.  
Get in touch now to discuss our different value propositions!
  • Tell us your format: company party, gourmet subscription, wedding, birthday...
  • Choose your preferred formula: canapes and mignardises, buffet, breakfast, snacks...
  • Give us your requirements: staff, service, equipment, decoration...
We'll take care of everything for you! 
Catering | Maison Duffour

 Your contact: Marie Favre-Félix, Senior Sales Manager 

📞 : 971 50 955 1569 

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Catering | Maison Duffour


As an expert in catering, we select the best solutions for your events with you.

Corporate catering:

  • A Package or “A la carte”
  • You have special requests, we fulfill them! Organic, vegan, vegetarian, halal, or nonhalal...
  • Furniture, staff, set up, delivery: tell us your needs and we provide that for you!
  • We care! Be sure that we adapt the food quantity to your event's size as waste control is our priority. Also, when you choose Maison Duffour, we plant a tree for you for every 300 AED spent.

Private catering

  • You can select from our wide products selection: French bakery, canapés, mini glasses, salads, French main meals, cold cuts or cheese platters, and our mignardises...
  • Same principle as for our corporate offer! Everything is customizable according to your wishes, budget, theme, and location... It's all about you!
  • Our best seller: Raclette live station at home with Maison Duffour!

Treat your customers, colleagues, or loved ones with the best products in the town.  When you choose Maison Duffour, we plant a tree for you for every 300 AED spent.


Catering | Maison Duffour



Make your office warm again with our subscription offer! Every week or month (as you wish!) we deliver gourmet products to your office: coffee, tea, pastries, sweets...

For any occasion you want: a meetings, to welcome a new employee, for a birthday... Our offer makes an impact on your clients and your employees that makes your business thrive. 

Our added value:

  • Real time saver for you, we take care of everything!
  • Want something tasty and comforting, we got you! Want something healthy and delicious, we also have something for you! We have a snack for everyone at Maison Duffour!
  • Authentic Coffee by Kawa, Tea and Herbal infusion by Le Parti du The,  French biscuits, homemade macarons, organic jams, French honey, Swiss or French chocolate, dates... Only Hight quality products. 

Unique offer in the UAE! Thanks to our expertise and high standards, we can offer you a wide range of quality products to answer your needs. 

Catering | Maison Duffour


Our added value:

  • Choose exceptional products with us: Handcrafted oils, high-quality spices, organic jams and chutneys, Swiss craft chocolate, delicacies, coffee, tea, goodies…
  • Share your needs with us: theme, quantity, and budget and we will have a tailor-made solution for you.
  • Treat your colleagues, your partners, or customers with our delicious hampers. 
  • Occasion: New Year, Women's Day, Ramadan, Easter, Christmas, Back to school... 

Want a fully personalized offer with your brand? Tell us your project and we will make it happen! We can personalize: sleeves, notes, ribbons, boxes, packaging, aprons, and more!

Catering | Maison Duffour ---

Maison Duffour, your supplier

If you are a retail space, a restaurant, or a hotel, tell us what you need and we will source it for you. We can source almost anything for you!

Our added value:

  • Importing real food with real taste for more than 5 years to the UAE, we are logistics experts at Maison Duffour.
  • We have the agility of a small structure and the seriousness of true professionals.
  • We either source our products in Europe (France, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.) or locally.
We distribute these amazing brands: Bellota-Bellota, Pipaillon, Le Parti du The, Orfevre, Glace des Alpes, La Belle-Iloise... If you want to use these brands, call us and we‘ll do a personalized price list adapted to your volume and recurrence.
Catering | Maison Duffour

They trust us

They trust us | Maison Duffour
They trust us | Maison Duffour ----