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Sicilian lemon mini tartlets

Dhs. 61.90

Product: These small tartlets are made by our French pastry partner with lemons from Sicily. You will love their taste and their format, easy to share, for your Christmas buffet for example!

Ingredients: Pie dough (wheat flour, butter, milk, palm fat, glucose syrup, sugar, salt, sunflower, vegetable oil, coloring), sugar, water, Sicilian lemon pulp, lemon juice from Sicily, pasteurised egg yolk, pectin crystals, acidifier, preservative, mashed lime, modified corn starch, gelling agent, coloring. 

Instructions: Defrost for 2h at 0-4°C

Country of origin: France

Portion size: 12 pieces x 18gr

Stuff to consider: May contain traces of peanuts, nuts, soy, milk, eggs