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Raclette du Haut-Livradois, sliced

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The perfect recipe to share with your friends

Product: Raw milk, sliced raclette cheese from Haut-Livradois (Auvergne region) 

What do you need at home? An electric cheese melter machine or a pan, a stove, some salt

Origin: Auvergne region, FRANCE

Weight: Portion per head is 200Gr of cheese

Stuff to consider: Pasteurised raw milk cheese, lactose


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 How to prepare: 

1. Clean your potatoes before placing it in a large stove of cold water with a teaspoon of sea salt, bring to boil. Leave it at medium heat for approx. 20 minutes,

2. Heat your machine or your pan, place the cheese on it and get it melted as per your preference,

3. Serve the cheese on a potato, together with cold-cuts.