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Chocomiel, honey & chocolate spread

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Product: This collector Chocomiel to spread is the result of collaboration between Hédène and Le chocolat des Français, two houses sharing passion for taste and willing highlight the French know-how.

To create this tasty and healthy recipe, the two brands have chosen carefully only three ingredients: Hédène French acacia honey, dark chocolate with 71% of cocoa and some organic hazelnuts. This delightful creation is also environmentally friendly and made without any palm oil or other vegetal oil.

Thus, we are proud to present you this delicious recipe combining the delicacy of acacia honey, the boldness of dark chocolate and the sweetness of hazelnuts.

Producer: Hédène Paris - In the beginning, there are two beekeepers in love with French honey: Cyril Marx and Alexis Ratouis. Both born in a family of beekeepers, they connect through a passion for this noble and natural product, with multiple flavors and source of intense pleasure.

Le chocolat des Français started with a simple idea: break with the traditional codes of handcrafted chocolate by bringing creativity and humour !

Ingredients: Hédène acacia honey from France, dark chocolate 71% Le Chocolat des Français (cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter), hazelnut puree 5%

Weight: 100Gr