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Goat cheese with apricot

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Product: This gourmet fresh goat cheese coated with apricot is made by French cheesemaker Fromagerie de Fontenille. It is known for its silky, smooth and melting texture. It is coated manually with apricot to brighten your meal!

Fromagerie de Fontenille is located in the Poitou region, which is the cradle of goat cheeses. As artisan cheese maker and affineur, they offer a large range of goat cheeses with different shapes and textures.

The famous Chabichou du Poitou (PDO since 1990) is also made there. These gourmet fresh goat cheeses are a treat as they are coated with apricots and cranberries –  the fresh texture of the cheese is enhanced by the sweet and tender fruits.  

Ingredients: Pasteurised goat's milk, apricots, lactic ferments, sugar, salt, animal rennet

Origin: Deux-Sèvres, Aquitaine, South-western region of France

Portion size: 80Gr

Stuff to consider: Pasteurized goat milk