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Green pepper

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Product: Depending on how the berries are harvested, pepper vine berries produce green, black, and white pepper. Our green pepper from Vietnam is picked before it ripens to maturity, making the flavour clean and zesty, less intense than black pepper. They are a staple in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

Producer:  The spice collection: The first sustainable spice brand! At the end of 2018, Roxane launched the first quality, ethical and responsible spice brand in Luxembourg. In 2020, Cristina, passionate about healthy cooking joined her in this beautiful entrepreneurial adventure. Together, they have at heart to bring happiness, through a gourmet cuisine and quality products. 

This brand has the V-label: companies value transparency and clarity.

How to use: fish dishes and marinades, cream sauces, curries.

Ingredients: 100% Green peppercorn

Weight: 60Gr

Origin: Vietnam