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French honey Grand Crus trio set

Dhs. 75.90

Product: Fine and elegant, Hédène French grand crus honeys box is made up of three emblematic Hédène French honeys with unique flavors, available in small sizes.

  • Acacia honey from Bourgogne, subtle and delicate,
  • Linden honey from Picardie, fresh and minty,
  • Chestnut honey from Tarn, intense and woody.

Hédène grand crus box is made up of three monofloral Hédène honeys with unique flavors, appropriate for different tasting moments.

Acacia honey’s exceptional refinement and sweetness will please epicures. It is a key ingredient for breakfast, on a warm brioche or with white cheese.

Linden honey’s intense freshness and subtle minty flavor can be tasted without moderation in tea.

Finally, chestnut honey will match perfectly with meat or a mature cheese, thanks to intense notes and a woody flavor.

Tasting advice:

Say “I love you” by offering Hédène grand crus box, rich in wonders. 3 refined Hédène honeys, unique and complementary on a gustatory level, in a nice box: the best way to discover the floral heritage of France with elegance and refinement!

Producer: Hédène Paris

In the beginning, there are two beekeepers in love with French honey: Cyril Marx and Alexis Ratouis. Both born in a family of beekeepers, they connect through a passion for this noble and natural product, with multiple flavors and source of intense pleasure.

Both graduated from “Rucher-École du Jardin du Luxembourg” in Paris, they realized they both wanted to innovate in the honey sector. Hence they decided to create together Hédène, defined by a 100% French positioning and core values such as traceability, refinement and deliciousness.

Weight: 3 x 40Gr