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Black Angus roast beef

Dhs. 159.90

Our roast beef, or as the French would write it "rosbif", is extra tender and juicy. It only needs to be cooked in the oven with a bit of butter and water for around 20-30min (depending of your taste in terms of meat's redness). The rule of thumb for a perfect roast beef is to count 15min per 500gr of meat in a pre-heated oven. Don't forget to turn it around from times to times and to humify it as well.ย 

The cut: rump heart or topside

The producer:

Our red meat is sourced from the best Australian farm, Stockyard. Food safety is of paramount importance to them and is encompassed in their established total quality management systems. These systems ensure all inputs in the production chain are thoroughly and continuously monitored by both internal and external laboratory testing procedures. The quality systems also maintain animal welfare during breeding and grazing. Stockyard is a consistent leader in the industry.

Ingredients:ย Angus beef

Weight:ย 800Gr approx.

Shelf life: 6months

Origin: Australia

Stuff to consider: Deliveredย frozen.