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Artisanal banoffee ice cream

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Producer: "So British & So delicious!" Like a cake! Banana ice cream, speculoos chips, milk chocolate shavings and a caramel cream marbling.

Producer: Glace des Alpes selects products from the French terroir to produce original and gourmet creations. Stephane Vindret, master ice-cream maker, creates generous recipes for an authentic taste and an artisanal quality. 

Glaces des Alpes make sure to use raw materials of the highest quality and as natural as possible. They have replaced their coloring agents with coloring foodstuffs (fruit and vegetable juices which no longer fall into the category of additives), their flavors are natural flavors, etc. 

However, there are certain ingredients that they cannot avoid: ice cream is a complex mixture because it is neither a liquid nor a solid but a mixture of solid bodies, liquid and air.

To obtain high quality ice cream (the finest texture possible, no ice crystals, stability over time), they must actually add a vegetable emulsifier (without which the ice cannot flourish and would therefore remain in the liquid state) , and stabilizers of vegetable origin to keep the three phases, liquid, solid (frozen liquid) and gas, stable over time.

They use the emulsifier only for the purpose of stabilizing the fat in the water, thus ensuring better hold and longer life for their products. It represents 0.03% maximum of our product (in ice cream) (we do not use it in sorbets). It can be replaced by egg yolk (which is a major allergen) up to 7%, but without all the contributions of E 471, because today there is no natural product capable of replacing it. Without emulsifiers and stabilizers, ice should be consumed within 2 days.

Weight: 750 ml

Origin: France

Allergen: Milk. Produced in a factory using eggs, milk, nuts, gluten, soy

Special recommendations:

  • Never refreeze a thawed product.
  • Once the pack has been opened, it is best to finish it as soon as possible in order to avoid crystals.
  • Storage technique: -20 ° C Product life: 24 months