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Brie de Monterau

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The most famous cheese in the world originates from the area called Brie, which lies to the east of Paris between the Seine and Marne rivers. Brie cheese has a soft, creamy and slightly nutty flavour. It has a thin, white mould-covered rind. The rind is edible. This cheese belongs to the category of cheeses that are not cooked or pressed. Brie is delicious enjoyed just as it is, but it is also ideal in salads and desserts.

Similar to Coulommiers by its size, and to Brie de Melun by its taste, Brie de Monterau pairs well with a Bordeaux red wine or a Riesling.

Origin: Brie region, next to Paris, France

Portion size:ย From 150Gr - 250Gr

Stuff to consider: unpasteurized cow's milk