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Staff catering services

Staff catering services

Elevate your event experience with our dedicated catering staff

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At Maison Duffour, we understand that your focus should be on your guests, and that's why we're here to manage the food and beverage service for you. Our mission is to ensure that you can fully dedicate yourself to your event, while we take care of every detail related to catering.

Meet our expert head waiter from France: Our head waiter, hailing from the culinary heartland of France, brings with her a wealth of knowledge and the art of impeccable and discreet service. With her extensive experience, she knows all the secrets to make your event shine.



A seamless experience from start to finish: Alongside our head waiter, our dedicated team will handle every aspect of your event, from the initial setup to the final dismantle. You can trust us to transform your vision into a reality.

When you choose Maison Duffour to manage your food and beverage service, you're not just hiring a catering team; you're entrusting your event to a group of professionals who are passionate about making every moment unforgettable. From the first impression to the last, we ensure that your guests are treated to a seamless and remarkable experience.

Allow us to take the reins and deliver a catering service that exceeds your expectations.

➡ Contact us today to discuss your event needs, and let our skilled team elevate your event to new heights with impeccable service.


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